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Join Dr. Anna Fielding, our Sleeping Well project lead at Ordsall Hall, for this long form session dedicated to summer sleep remedies.

As we move towards Midsummer, we will be using herbs and flowers believed by early modern people to be at their most potent to help us sleep well. Being the warmest part of the year, many of these remedies were aimed at cooling the body and mind, or the bedchamber itself. We will engage with historical remedy recipes from medical books, recipe collections, and journals to recreate sleep aids. The aim is to examine these past solutions to try and understand them in a modern, holistic way.

The length of this workshop allows for in-depth exploration and creativity, plus more time to look at the historical evidence behind our sleep project.

FREE, booking required.

  • Participants must be 18+
  • Visitors are welcome to leave before the end of the session if they wish
  • The museum has a private Pay & Display car park. All parking is paid for on arrival either online, over the phone or by using the onsite machine

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